Herito –  a bilingual English-Polish quarterly on Central European heritage and culture published by the International Cultural Centre. It is our hope that it will come to be a unique forum for discussions on heritage, culture, our times, and the future. As a periodical it will focus on issues of locus and related reflections, on space and its various meanings, and on the geography of the imagination and of memory. The pretext for the topics it undertakes to examine is  Central European heritage, which has a heritage of experience and cultural dilemmas that are at once unique and highly relevant to contemporary debate.

“Central Europe is a conscious choice, a question of our world view, though also of our community of experience – our own and that of our neighbours. Herito is a further chapter in our fascination with this very special region of the Old Continent, where political borders have always changed faster than cultural borders. Central Europe is not a territorial region with clearly demarcated borders; it is our fortune.

The Central European identity is founded on contradictions that have combined repeatedly to produce creative tension. The material and non‑material fruit of this tension today is our common heritage, the product of cultures, ideas and values accumulated and fused over centuries. No less a part of this heritage is our own memory and identity – for heritage is nothing other than the use of the past to serve contemporary purposes.”

Editor-in-chief on Herito
prof. Jacek Purchla

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