Drago Jančar

Studied law and worked as a journalist for both the “Večer” daily and the “7 dni” weekly. In 1974 he was sentenced to one year in prison for “hostile propaganda”. Pardoned after three months, he served in the army in Vranj (southern Serbia). Since 1981 he has been an editor and secretary of the Slovenska Matica publishing house. Between 1987–1991 he was president of the Slovenian Pen Club.

He is the author of the following novels: “Petintrideset stopinj” (1974), “Galjot” (1978), “Severni sij” (1984), “Posmehljivo poželenje” (1993, “Drwiące żądze”, Polish edition 1997), “Zvenenje v glavi” (1998), “Katarina, pav in jezuit” (2000, “Katarina, paw ijezuita”, Polish edition 2010), and his collections of short stories include: “Romanje gospoda Houžvičke” (1971), “Smrt pri Mariji Snežni” (1985), “Pogled angela” (1992, “Spojrzenie anioła”, Polish edition 2002), “Augsburg in druge resnične zgodbe” (1994), “Prikazen iz Rovenske” (1998).

He is the winner of numerous prizes, including the France Prešerna Prize (the most prestigious Slovenian award for culture) and the Prix Européen de Littérature (European Literary Award).

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