no. 20 (2015)


The Balticum as a geo-cultural community? Arguments to support this claim would probably be as numerous as sceptical voices. But it is not a question of evidence. Another issue seems to be much more important: why is it advisable to think in terms of large geo-cultural regions and what possibilities are openedby such thinking?

Polish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States provokes us to take a look at the countries situated around the Baltic Sea and their cultures, and to ask some questions.

Can the Baltic be called the Mediterranean of Northern Europe? Does it unite or perhaps divide the nations living around it? With what values is Balticness associated? Can they become the foundation for a Baltic community and identity? To what extent is Poland a Baltic country? Have the Poles become a nation of the sea?

Looking at history, politics and art, we seek answers to these questions.

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