Cristian Pătrășconiu

A journalist and essayist. He graduated with a degree in political sciences from the Philosophy Department at the West University in Timișoara. He also holds a postdoctoral degree in comparative literature and intertextuality from the same university. He received a scholarship from the “A Treia Europa” research institute in Timișoara and has been a grant holder of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków twice thus far. He has been working for the Romanian media for ten years. He used to be a senior editor at the Cotidianul daily newspaper and at the Realitatea TV. He published a poetry volume entitled Spectralia (1997) and three volumes of interviews – all published by Humanitas publishing house under the title Repere intelectuale ale dreptei românești (The Intellectual Trends of the Right-Wing in Romania); Noua școală de gândire a dreptei (A New School of the Right-Wing Thought) and Cartea președinţilor (The Book of Presidents, co-written by Vladimir Tismăneanu).

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