Miljenko Jergović

A Croatian writer and essayist, born in Sarajevo, where he studied photography and sociology. In 1992 he started writing for the Croat weekly Nedjeljna Dalmacija, and since 1993 he has been living in Zagreb, working for the daily Jutarnji list. His first published work was a volume of poetry called Opservatorija Varšava (1988). He has written collections of short stories, including Sarajevski Marlboro (1994), Mama Leone (1996), Inšallah Madona inšallah (2004), Mačka čovjek pas (2012), and longer pieces, novellas about people and cars: Buick Rivera (2002, Polish edition 2003), Freelander (2007, Polish edition 2010), Volga, Volga (2009, Polish edition 2013), and novels: Dvori od oraha (2003), Gloria in excelsis (2005), Ruta Tannenbaum (2006, Polish edition 2008), Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na Duhove (2007, Polish edition 2011), Psi na jezeru (2010), and a biographical novel Otac (2010, Polish edition 2012). Jergović has received various awards in Bosnia and Croatia including the E.M. Remarque Prize and Premio Napoli. For Ruta Tannenbaum he was awarded the Meša Selimović Prize (2007) for the best novel on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro; its Polish translation, by Magdalena Petryńska, made it to the final of the Central Europe Literary Prize Angelus 2009, and in 2012 Jergović received this prize for the novel Srda śpiewa o zmierzchu w Zielone Świątki (Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na Duhove).

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