no. 9 (2012)

Słowacja - Slovensko - Slovakia

Our main focus is both the past and the present of the Slovaks which is reflected in their culture and identity. On clear days we can see from our office windows the massif of Babia Góra on the horizon; working on this issue we wished to make Slovakia and its culture not only equally visible to but also better understood by its closest and more remote neighbours.

Authors in this issue include Vladimir Beskíd, Dana Bořutová, Juraj Buzalka, Magdalena Bystrzak, Rudolf Chmel, Mária Ferenčuhová, Naďa Hrčková, Andrzej S. Jagodziński, Ľubica Kobová, Milan Lasica, Rafał Majerek, Peter Michalík, Miroslav Michela, Maria Pötzlová Malíková, Magda Vášáryová and Teresa Worowska.

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