no. 45 (2022)

Europe on a Plate

Are dumplings, bigos, or ordinary beetroots elements of our cultural heritage? Certainly, yes. "Our tables and menus reflect the entire history that swept across the continent as well as its cultural changes" writes Professor Jacek Purchla in his introduction to the recent issue of “HERITO” magazine. The potato decrees of Frederick II the Great had the same importance for our heritage as the Turkish expansion in the Balkans.

In the opening text, Robert Makłowicz writes: “If to the Slavic cuisine, whether rural or sheep herders’, you add Hungarian twist, and on top of that you put the Medita Terra with a touch of the Ottoman sweetness, your plate, with a diameter of perhaps a thousand kilometres, offers you the whole marvellous world!” We are preparing the history of beef, beetroot and potato, tasting the wines of Europe, and investigating the tastes and smells of the Balkans, with a sip of milk. Join us for a feast at the Central European table.




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