Jakub Kornhauser

A literary scholar, Romanian philologist, associated with the Philological Faculty at the Jagiellonian University, specialising in the theory and history of avant-garde and experimental literature, as well as Romanian, French and Polish poetry. He is currently completing his PhD thesis and research project “The Status of the Object in the Poetry of European Surrealism”. He is a participant of the grant research project “The Avant-garde of Central and Eastern Europe – Innovation or Imitation?” and co-editor of two monographs, more recently Horyzonty wyobraźni. Fantazja i fantastyczność we współczesnej kulturze (The Horizons of the Imagination. Fantasy and the fantastic in Contemporary Culture; with D. Zając, Kraków 2012). He is also the author of two volumes of poetry translated into Russian, Slovak and Romanian.

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