no. 4 (2011)

Art Is Changing (a) Place

To say that art is changing is to state the obvious. But the question of the way in which it is changing is not so trivial.

Joanna Rajkowska claimed in conversation with Anda Rottenberg that she had been strongly influenced in what and how she created by Jerzy Nowosielski, her teacher. But works of Rajkowska, as well as Katarzyna Kozyra – also interviewed by Anda Rottenberg – arise far away from the classic atelier (such as the studio of Nowosielski himself), where the artist is alone in confrontation with his material, holding a graver, a brush or a chisel.

For a contemporary artist is “sculpting” social space. Art changed its location – it left the studio, but it also escaped somewhere beyond the galleries, beyond museum rooms. What does it mean for the institutions and to what extent should the thinking about the infrastructure for art be changed? And does the new venue for art also change? What is happening in the cities, the landscape, the public and private space subjected to the influence of art? Even if it is impossible to give exhaustive answers to such questions, posing them is entirely justified.

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