no. 47-46 (2022)

Spirit of Georgia

Archaeological research conducted in Georgia, in the ancient region of Colchis, confirms 3400-year old, uninterrupted existence of the city of Kutaisi. According to Greek mythology Colchis – a dangerous land, inhabited by witches and dragons – is the place where the Argonauts, led by Jason, travel to find the Golden Fleece. Georgian culture dates back to ancient times, but we as Poles know very little about it.

One of the reasons why this knowledge gap should be filled is the shared history. In the 19th century Poles were one of largest national minorities in the Caucasus, and Poland became for Georgians a model to emulate in terms of resisting Russian imperialism. Today Poles are the biggest group among all tourists visiting Georgia.

The texts published in HERITO recount how Georgians began to think about separating their country from Russia and how the communism was introduced in Georgia, they also explain what were the relationships between the local intelligentsia and the government. The most important part of the magazine is, however, devoted to the history of art, literature, and music. The editors invited experts to contribute: academics who conduct research on national thought and calligraphy, musicologists, historians, archaeologists, and diplomats. Thanks to the authors’ different perspectives, it is easier to understand the spirit of Georgia and appreciate its cultural heritage.


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