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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Picture by Picture in Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Besides leaving visitors who come to the Hungarian National Gallery with a memorable experience, our museum also wants to bring the masterpieces of Hungarian art to those who do not have the opportunity to visit us. Therefore, we have launched a series in which we will post an entry every Wednesday about a picture that we find important, interesting or special. The 500-word or so items will feature excellent works by known and lesser known Hungarian artists. And just like in real life, we will touch upon all the crucial things: love, beauty, humour, grief, suffering, the young and the old, men and women, the many colours of the Hungarian landscape, history, the body and the soul, kings, shepherds, scholars, artists and ordinary people. We are happy to introduce the history of Hungarian art picture by picture, written by our colleague, art historian Gábor Bellák, who has been with us for almost four decades.

Check it out: https://en.mng.hu/picture-by-picture/

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