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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Danube Limes Added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Danube Limes (Western Segment) features components in Austria, Germany, and Slovakia. It covers almost 600km of the whole Roman Empire’s Danube frontier. The property formed part of the much large frontier of the Roman Empire that encircled the Mediterranean Sea. The Danube Limes (Western Segment) reflects the specificities of this part of the Roman Frontier through the selection of sites that represent key elements from road, legionary fortresses and their associated settlements to small forts and temporary camps, and the way these structures relate to local topography.

The World Heritage Committee inscribed the transnational property of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Danube Limes (Western Segment) on UNESCO’s World Heritage List during its extended 44th session, held online and chaired by China from Fuzhou.

Read more: https://whc.unesco.org/en/news/2322/

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