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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

The Rijeka Fiume in Flux App

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

The Rijeka Fiume in Flux app gives you the opportunity to explore the multi-layered history of the city of Rijeka. It was developed by an international, interdisciplinary research project based at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan.

Rijeka (in Croatian), also known as Fiume (in Italian), is a city with a complicated past.
Formerly an important port city enjoying a special status in the Habsburg Empire, it was claimed by both Italy and Yugoslavia after the First World War. It was eventually annexed by Italy in 1924 with the international border running along the Rječina or Eneo river. After the Second World War, the city became part of Yugoslavia when the border moved west of Istria.

Border changes reshaped loyalties, belongings, and practices. But politics alone are not enough to understand the history of the city. There are many other features that have made Rijeka what it is.

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