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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

“Among Freedom Fighters. John Sadovy’s Photographs of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution” Exhibition at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

John Sadovy (1925–2010), a Czech-born photojournalist, reporting for the American illustrated weekly Life, witnessed and photographed events of the Hungarian Revolution between 29 October and 1 November 1956. The Hungarian National Museum and the Committee of National Remembrance, Hungary, in collaboration with the photographer’s two daughters, Liza Jane Sadovy and Yvonne Sadovy de Mitcheson, present a selection of John Sadovy’s 1956 photographs in a temporary exhibition. In addition to the photojournalist’s world-famous pictures, a number of unseen images are also displayed which offer a glimpse into the lives of the freedom fighters during ceasefire, and into the world of refugee Hungarians waiting in an Austrian refugee camp.

The exhibition at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest is open between 21 October and 10 December 2023.


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