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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

“Gateways in Existence. The Tree as a Motif from Pieter Bruegel to Alexandre Hollan” Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

“Gateways in Existence” presents works by contemporary artist Alexandre Hollan, born in Hungary (Budapest, 1933) and now residing in France, in the company of depictions of trees and landscapes by some of the most prominent masters in the history of European drawing and printmaking. Besides works by Hollan, viewable from 9 October in the recently revamped exhibition hall of the Museum of Fine Arts are compositions by the great classics of tree depictions and landscape art, including Wolfgang Huber, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Claude Lorrain, Camille Corot, Rembrandt and Nicolas Poussin.

The selection of more than fifty outstanding works not only exemplifies some of the pinnacles of European landscape art but also offers an overview of the different techniques of graphic art: pen-and-ink drawing, coloured woodcut, copperplate engraving, etching, cliché-verre and acrylic painting.

The curator of the exhibition is Bernadett Tóth, art historian at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. The exhibition is available until 1 April 2024.

Read more: https://www.mfab.hu/exhibitions/gateways-in-existence-the-tree-as-a-motif-from-pieter-bruegel-to-alexandre-hollan/

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