Aleksandr Lipatow

Polonist, Slavicist, academic employee of the Institute for Slavonic Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and professor at the Russian State University of Humanities. He is the author of many publications on literary history and Polish culture, European civilisation and Slavdom, relations between Russia and western culture and art, the theory and methodology of historical and cultural research, and the sociopolitical and cultural situation in post-Soviet Russia. His publications include Słowiańszczyzna – Polska – Rosja. Studia o literaturze i kulturze (Slavdom – Poland – Russia. Studies on literature and culture, Warszawa 1999) and Rosja i Polska: konfrontacja i grawitacja (Russia and Poland. Confrontation and gravity, Toruń 2003) and Rosja dzisiejsza. Między przeszłością a teraźniejszością (Today’s Russia. Between the past and the present, Toruń 2007).

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