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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

New Exhibitions at the National Gallery in Prague (Trade Fair Palace: “Drawings of Ludvík Kohl”, and “The Premium Prints Phenomenon”)

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Two exhibitions open at Trade Fair Palace in Prague (Národní galerie v Praze) on May 17th, 2022 (until August 28, 2022):

“The Work of Art in the Age of Graphic Reproduction ⁠–⁠ The Premium Prints Phenomenon”

Premium print art published in the course of the 19th century by many different associations and magazines was an important phenomenon in the visual arts of the time. The prints presented and mediated to wide audiences artworks of major importance as well as output that was intended more as amusement and interior decoration. As such, they combine the aspects of fun and education, while also serving as testimony to the level of development of reproduction techniques.



“Visions of Antiquity and the Middle Ages in the Drawings of Ludvík Kohl”

The painter Ludvík Kohl (1746⁠–⁠1821) was a founding figure of 19th-century art in Bohemia. Several years prior to the establishment of the Art Academy in Prague, which was founded in 1799, he gave private live model drawing lessons. In some of his own work he embraced Antiquity as a paradigm for Neoclassical art. At the same time he constructed fictitious Gothic architecture in his drawings, an approach that already reflects the pre-Romantic interest in the Middle Ages and its spiritual aspect. In this way, his work is a reflection of the disctinctive multi-layered art created at the turn of eras.


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