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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

“Sacred Art” and “The Modern” – New Permanent Exhibitions at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

On June 23, 2023 Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava opened two ongoing collection displays:


  1. “Sacred Art” – presenting the most precious sacred paintings and sculptures from the Gothic and Baroque eras in the SNG’s collections, complemented with icons and paintings from European art of the 16th to the 19th century. Although the SNG, among Slovak public institutions, owns what is probably the richest fund of sacred art, its focus on Christian paintings and sculptures somewhat distorts the overall view. They are therefore planning for the exposition to receive regular infusions of cultic objects of other major religious cultures. Likewise, over a briefer time span you will have an opportunity also to see drawings, graphic works and photographs, which are more sensitive to long-term exhibition.

    More information: https://sng.sk/en/slovak-national-gallery/events/sacred-art


  1. “The Modern” – telling the story of visual art in Slovakia in the first half of the 20th century. Our selection of works for it centred on the most important developments in domestic art between 1890/1900 and 1948. In experiencing this exposition of iconic works, drawn mostly from SNG collections, you can take in the comprehensive whole or focus on individual pieces. It includes paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs, alongside films and installations. Among its features is “non-permanent” exposition: changing exhibits presented every year – the current theme is transformations in landscape painting, titled Land of the Eye × Land of the Soul. The exhibited works are arranged in two parallel lines visually, semantically, and pictorially, subtitled Myth × Civilization ǀ Dream × Reality. This departure from traditional authoritative, chronological, or stylistic approaches to the modern tells the story from a different angle. These two lines are dynamic rather than absolute, interweaving and underlying one another. Symbolically, they come together in a “sanctuary” – the exposition’s epicentre, with works by top representatives of the modern: those who kept pace with the European avant-garde, combining in their work both traditional and innovative elements of expression. These integrated the proverbial “home and abroad”.
    Curator: Katarína Bajcurová
    More information: https://sng.sk/en/slovak-national-gallery/events/the-modern

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