no. 12 (2013)

Rumunia - Romania - România

Romania is a paradoxical country. Although the long 19th century was very kind to it – the young country entered the European arena and quickly acquired an esteemed position – the short 20th century did not spare it in any respect. Trapped between fascism and communism, Romania had chosen the lesser of two evils. Decades in the shadows of “The Sun of the Carpathians” turned out to be the worst years of all. A sad country, full of humour” – George Bacovia’s prophetic words from the 1930s came true in excess.

The idea behind this monographic issue is to summarise contemporary Romanian culture, and take a look at new art trends in the context of social and political changes of the 20th century.

Exiting communism was not velvety for Romania and the road to Europe – bumpy. Is this the reason why Romanian transformation turned out to be so complicated? This is just one of the questions we would like to answer, as the balance of that period is still open, and the reasons for the state of the affairs seem to be rooted in the past. At the same time, Romania is an important partner in East‑Central Europe and we are not entirely aware of its potential. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to recognise and understand Romania’s specificity, and most of all – to perceive it as a country in the process of modernisation, which presents great inner diversity and cultural creativity, best manifested by the success of young Romanian cinema or “young Romanian art”.

Romania is different, but somehow similar, close, and therefore – very interesting.

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