Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Wystawa belgijskiej rzeźby symbolistycznej z kolekcji Muzeum Sztuk Pięknych w Budapeszcie

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

The chamber exhibition „Towards the Ideal. Belgian Symbolist Sculpture in the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest” presents a small selection from the Belgian symbolist sculptures of the Museum of Fine Arts’ collection of international art. Brussels grew into one of Europe’s cultural centres at the end of the nineteenth century. Sculptors also contributed to this sparkling scene, which encompassed the whole of Belgian culture at the time. From 1897, Belgian artists regularly participated in international exhibitions organised in Budapest, and their works soon entered Hungarian public collections. As a result of a well-thought-through and consistent purchasing policy, the Belgian symbolist sculptures now form a representative and coherent unit of the Museum of Fine Arts’ collection of international art. The current show presents ten sculptures from the works of this notable material.

The exhibition is open at Hungarian National Gallery (Building D) from 15 June 2022 to 29 January 2023.

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