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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

“Ars et Virtus. Croatia – Hungary. 800 Years of Common Heritage” – Virtual Exhibition in the Hungarian National Museum.

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

This virtual exhibition is a joint project of the Hungarian National Museum (Budapest) and the Galerija Klovićevi Dvori (Zagreb). Their goal is to present the Croatian-Hungarian cultural and cultural-historical relations in a broad and illustrative context, thus strengthening the feeling of belonging together in the two nations. Since their common heritage of 800 years is immense, they have divided the exhibition into 8 chapters. The virtual exhibition, currently consisting of 60 objects, guides the visitor – partly chronologically and partly thematically – through the representative spaces of the Hungarian National Museum, the Dome, the Ceremonial Hall and the Fireplace Halls.

More information about the exhibition: https://mnm.hu/en/exhibitions/virtual-tour/ars-et-virtus-croatia-hungary-800-years-common-heritage

Virtual exhibition: https://mnm.hu/virtualis/arsetvirtus/

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