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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

New exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK

Art and Heritage in Cenral Europe

“Bruno Schulz: Sex-Fiction” – exhibition available from 27.10.2022 to 19.02.2023.

Bruno Schulz has fallen victim to an interpretative stereotype. He has been made out to be a fetishist and masochist. This diagnosis has been based on his assumed artistic ‘confession’ – his drawings and The Booke of Idolatry. The exhibition in MOCAK and the accompanying publication intend to question this image, which appears to be an over-simplification of this extraordinary figure.

The exhibition at MOCAK will show several dozen drawings and prints by Bruno Schulz. They have also prepared an experiment with self-portraits. They have cut out representations of the artist’s face from larger compositions and arranged them in a sequence analysing his psyche. This new insight does not bear out the stereotypical interpretations of Schulz.

More information: https://en.mocak.pl/bruno-schulz-sex-fiction


“Natalia LL. Erotic Provocations” – exhibition available from 27.10.2022 to 30.12.2022

Natalia LL, a prominent contemporary artist considered one of the pioneers of feminist art, died on 12 August 2022. Her work had roots in conceptualism and was also part of the body art movement. Natalia LL recorded her performances in photographs, in her shots often employing suggestions of the erotic. The impact of these images was amplified by presenting them in series that looked like film frames.
The MOCAK Collection contains more than 40 works by Natalia LL, dating from 1964 to 1993. This collection of her works has never before been presented in its entirety at MOCAK, the exhibition is thus a premiere, but is above all a tribute to an outstanding artist.

More information: https://en.mocak.pl/erotic-provocations


“Janina Turek. Life Recorded in 745 Notebooks” – exhibition available from 27.10.2022 to 19.02.2023.

Janina Turek was born in Krakow in 1921 and died there in 2000. She spent most of her life at 6 Parkowa Street in the Podgórze district of the city. On the face of it, she was an ordinary housewife. Yet for 57 years – in secret from her loved ones – she kept a diary. The object of her observations was everyday life, the simplest human activities, to which we often pay little attention. She filled up 745 notebooks, divided into 36 categories, such as ‘Chance Encounters’, ‘Gifts Given’, ‘Longer Walks’, ‘Reading’, ‘Sports’, ’Dance Parties’, ‘Theatre’, ‘Things Found’, ‘Phone Calls Made’.

The core of the exhibition will be a presentation of notebooks that have been in the MOCAK Collection since 2016. The exhibition will be complemented by photographs from the family archive, as well as postcards that the diarist collected and a film interview with Janina Turek’s daughter. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication which, alongside excerpts from the diaries, will include texts by the following authors: Joanna Kubicka, Dominika Mucha, Anna Pekaniec, Maria Anna Potocka and Mariusz Szczygieł.

More information: https://en.mocak.pl/life-recorded-in-745-notebooks


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