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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Call for Papers: “Expressionism Revisited. New Approaches and Research Questions” (Berlin, 25-28 August 22)

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Reflection upon Expressionism will be the topic of a symposium which takes place at Brücke Museum Berlin, on the occasion of the exhibition “1910. Brücke: Art and Life” in the summer of 2022. Dealing with the new challenges in the research, presentation and education of Expressionism, the three-day event wishes to discuss current research projects, methodological approaches and curatorial concepts in a variety of formats. The main focus of the symposium is on scholarly exchange and close interaction of practitioners and theoreticians.

The organisers invite proposals for short presentations and project outlines by PhD students, Postdocs, museum professionals and scholars from art history, cultural or literary studies and related disciplines. Please email your proposal (500 words max) together with a short biography (one page max) by 28 February 2022 to forschung@bruecke-museum.de.

Travel costs are likely to be covered. An online publication of selected contributions is planned.

Organisers: Lisa Marei Schmidt and the Brücke-Museum in collaboration with Dr Meike Hoffmann (FU Berlin), Dr Andrea Meyer (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr Aya Soika (Bard College Berlin) and Prof. Dr Isabel Wünsche (Jacobs University)

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