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Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Current Exhibitions at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava

Art and Heritage in Central Europe

Currently there are four exhibitions available at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, open until September 3, 2023:

  1. Wolfgang Hollegha. Paintings from Five Decades.

    Wolfgang Hollegha belongs to the generation of artists who had a decisive influence on Austrian art after the Second World War. Non-representational – abstract – paintings revolutionised a generation’s perception of art.
    The motifs that are essential for his painting, and which inspire his abstract compositions, he takes from nature and from his engagement with objects, which he records in pencil studies that always lay the groundwork for his paintings. As a painter, Hollegha prefers large-format pieces. The execution of his paintings is a dynamic process. He paints the canvases lying on the floor, pouring out paint and wiping and directing its flow with scrunched-up cloth and sometimes with a brush. Concentration and continuity in the painting process are essential to him.
    Read more: https://danubiana.sk/en/vystavy/malby-piatich-dekad

  2. Vladimír Židlický. That’s how I see it.

    Vladimír Židlický has long been drawn to expressiveness. In spite of establishing his preference for the medium of photography early on, he did not turn his back on his experience of painting from the 1960s and 1970s and the associated gestural entries into the scenery of the paintings. He did not shy away from significantly — and at the time boldly — tampering with negatives, even positives.

    Read more: https://danubiana.sk/en/vystavy/tak-to-vidim-ja

  3. Zoltán Salamon. Be Ahaed.
    Zoltán Salamon found his professional path in graphic design after graduating with a degree in architecture. He was creatively active in various fields – cultural posters, typography and the graphic design of books and magazines, illustration, exhibition industry and exhibition catalogues, brands, logotypes, and the design of packages for products. His career in graphic design took him to assignments for children, where as art editor for the children’s magazines Zornička and Včielka he strived to get as close as possible to the creative expression of children in his illustrations.

    Read more: https://danubiana.sk/en/vystavy/naskok

  4. Miguel Ybáñez. Paintings.
    Born 1946, Madrid (ES)
    Lives and works in Amsterdam (NL) and Ampurdàn (ES)
    Ybáñez works in the tradition of Arte Povera and embraces a range of techniques to create works of varying scale and form. His reliefs, sculptures and assemblages are made of cloth, cardboard, metal, plaster and found objects.

    Read more: https://danubiana.sk/en/vystavy/obrazy-2

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